2 Ways of Giving

Upholding the Promise of ‘Justice For All”

Two Needs, Two Ways of Giving
A Fundamental Principle of Democracy

Our laws guarantee basic rights and protections for all of us — not just those who can afford a lawyer. Civil legal aid programs provide legal assistance to vulnerable and low-income families and individuals who otherwise could not afford legal help. Access to justice is essential not only to the rule of law, but to the integrity of our communities. Having adequate legal representation often means the difference between shelter and homelessness, food on the table and hunger, economic stability and bankruptcy, or productive work and unemployment. In a very clear way, civil legal aid prevents the downward spiral of costly social problems. Funding for legal aid is a public-private partnership. Currently, legal aid programs only have resources to help a fraction of those in need. Every day, low ­income and vulnerable people with urgent civil legal problems must be turned away. We all can do more to ensure that justice is accessible to all. Your financial support of LASNNY through the Justice for All Campaign and the Guardians of Justice helps families in crisis return to safe, productive lives.

Securing Justice for All

The Justice for All Campaign is the cornerstone of civil legal aid annual giving. Your annual support of the Campaign gives LASNNY the ability to serve clients each and every day. The Justice for All Campaign and the Legal Aid Legacy Fund are equally deserving of your support; they complement each other. The Campaign supports LASNNY programs today; the Legacy Fund secures those programs for tomorrow. We invite you to invest in today’s civil legal aid programs by making yearly gifts to the Justice for All Campaign. And we invite you to invest in tomorrow — to safeguard justice — by designating a gift from your current assets, or a portion of your estate, to the Legal Aid Legacy Fund, housed at The Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region. By supporting LASNNY, you help guarantee justice for future generations.

Annual Support
Campaign Serving Justice Today.

The Justice for All Campaign

Provides operational support for the work of LASNNY’s five offices throughout Northeastern New York. Annual support of LASNNY is essential for providing day-to-day legal assistance to vulnerable and low-income families and individuals with urgent non-criminal legal problems. LASNNY’s Justice for All Campaign:

  • Asks that partners calculate their firm gift at $250 per attorney
  • Asks for a contribution from every individual attorney and judge in Northeastern New York and the public-at-large each year
  • Inspires a network of hundreds of attorneys, judges and other volunteers to work toward a common fundraising goal
Securing Justice for Tomorrow.

Guardians of Justice 

Guardians of Justice ensure civil legal aid will be available for low-income and vulnerable families in perpetuity. Members are committed to securing the future of LASNNY by building its permanent endowment fund.

  • Contributors to LASNNY’s endowed fund, invested permanently to build long-term stability for civil legal aid in Northeastern New York
  • Gifts typically made from capital assets and bequests to create a legacy
  • Key to securing the long-term financial health of Northeastern New York’s civil legal aid efforts to achieve justice for all