The Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York fights for fairness, dignity, and justice for those living in poverty and for a society which is inclusive and equitable for all. We transform lives, build community and empower people by using the law to address individual and systemic wrongs and inequities.




A just society is possible when we create genuine opportunities to thrive beyond basic needs and dismantle the barriers resulting from poverty and structural discrimination and oppression.




  • We believe equal justice for all means protecting and advancing the rights of the most vulnerable.
  • We recognize that the barriers of poverty are compounded by discrimination due to characteristics such as nationality, race, ethnicity, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, and political affiliation.
  • We provide transformative justice through collaborative every day legal services on behalf of poor people.
  • We live and work in our communities for positive change, promoting growth and human potential, redressing systemic and historic wrongs, seeking the freedom and equitable participation for all in civic, economic, and social life.
  • We use the full-range of legal tools and work with key partners and communities to achieve creative and innovative solutions.
  • We listen, learn from, and empower the communities we serve by addressing their needs and being accountable for our work.
  • Our culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion reflects our values inside and out.