Guardians of Justice Endowment Fund


Guardians of Justice Endowment Fund

Join the Guardians of Justice

The Guardians of Justice are a group of individuals committed to securing justice for future generations through support of the Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York’s permanent endowment fund—The Legal Aid Legacy Fund. Membership is available to those that have notified us in writing that they have made a provision for LASNNY in their will or other estate planning document. Members also include those who have made outright gifts to the Legacy Fund.

If you would like more information about joining the Guardians of Justice, please contact the Development Director Tammy Gaynor at 518-462-6765 Ext 399 or [email protected].

Including the Legal Aid Legacy Fund in Your Estate Plans

The will you write today is your opportunity to provide for your loved ones as well as your means to further your vision for a more just world. Your will is your chance to:

  • Use your accumulated assets as you see fit during your lifetime and direct how they pass after your death
  • Make a generous charitable donation and qualify for estate tax savings
  • Name the person or persons that you wish to take your estate through the probate system (the Personal Representative)
  • Record your wishes now and still retain the power to adapt them as your circumstances change, since your will is fully revocable during your lifetime
  • Honor someone with a named gift
Making A Bequest Contribution

If you currently have a will, you can easily add what’s known as a “codicil” or amendment to provide a bequest to the Legal Aid Legacy Fund. If you don’t already have a will, it is to you and your family’s advantage to take this important step now. Oftentimes, creating a will is neither difficult nor expensive. For sample bequest language, click here.

Consult with your own legal and financial advisors about how to best include your philanthropic goals in your overall estate and financial plans.

For more information, see the Guardians of Justice brochure.

Current Guardians of Justice:
  • Anonymous
  • James B. Ayers
  • Jeffrey & Martha Baker
  • Richard J. Bartlett*
  • Charlotte S. Buchanan
  • David & Kathleen Burke
  • Paul M. Callahan
  • Peter and Mary Coffey
  • John R. Dunne*
  • Deanne Grimaldi
  • Leonard Hermann
  • E. Stewart & Kimberly Jones, Jr.
  • Thomas V. Kenney, Jr.
  • Amelia M. Klein
  • Skip & Merri* Meislahn
  • Tim & Carmelina Morrison
  • Lillian M. Moy
  • Miriam M. Netter*
  • Thomas J. O’Connor
  • Patricia Rodriguez & Robert Colborn
  • The Ruthman Family
  • Arthur and Ronnie Siegel
  • Keith St. John
  • Henda and Samuel Strasser
  • Leslie Thiele and Ken Larsen
  • F. Michael Tucker
  • Wendy L. Wahlberg
  • G. Kimball Williams & Margaret J. Gillis
  • Mary Withington