Legal Professionals Pledge Support for St. Clare’s Pensioners

June 26, 2019

“They were promised a pension, they did not receive what they were promised,” said LASNNY Advocacy Coordinator & Attorney Victoria Esposito. “You’ve got people who have worked their entire working lives, in some cases, who walked away with nothing.”


“This is one of those cases where right and wrong is black and white, and [LASNNY is] lucky to [be] a part of this.”


The Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York (LASNNY) continues to represent two pensioners in their struggle to get the full pension they were promised by St. Clare’s Hospital and St. Clare’s Corporation. We are working with David Pratt of Albany Law School; Gary Stone of Brooklyn Legal Services Corporation a division of Legal Services of New York City; private attorney David Pentkowski of Pentkowski, Pastore, and Freestone, Clifton Park; and Dara Smith, Meryl Grenadier, and Osvaldo Vasquez of AARP’s litigation team.


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