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This Town Hall was recorded in early May 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The legal information contained in the Town Hall was accurate at that time, but it might have changed since then. Additionally, this is legal information only and is not advice tailored to your particular situation. If you need advice which includes the most recent changes to the laws, please call our COVID-19 Legal Response Line at (833) 628-0087.




Requesting Mortgage Assistance During the COVID-19 Pandemic
On March 27, 2020, the president signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (“CARES Act”) into law. The law includes a foreclosure moratorium and mortgage payment relief for certain loans on single-family properties.
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COVID-19 – Impact on Housing in New York State
The law has been changed substantially to help tenants in New York State during the COVID-19 crisis, regardless of the type of housing they live in.  This is an overview of the main protections for tenants.

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Landlord-Tenant Concerns During the COVID -19 Health Crisis
All eviction proceedings and orders are paused until at least June 18, 2020. Courts are only accepting new cases for “essential matters,” which currently do not include evictions. If you live in federally funded housing, or your landlord received federal funding, your landlord cannot file an eviction action against you until at least July 27, 2020. 

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Eviction For Non-Payment of Rent
Learn about the process of eviction for non-payment of rent.
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Facing Foreclosure
Effective Dec. 20th, 2016.
If you can no longer afford your current mortgage payment, what should you expect? What should you do if you want to keep your home? How long do you have before you might have to move?
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Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act Of 2019: Changes To New York State’s Landlord-Tenant Laws
On June 14, 2019, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Housing Stability & Tenant Protection Act. Many of the changes went into effect immediately. Below is a brief summary of the changes to the Real Property Actions and Proceedings Law (RPAPL), Real Property Law (RPL), and General Obligations Law (GOL).
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Partners in Progress Workshop of 2020 on Changes to Landlord /Tenant Rights 2019
A recording of the presentation, handouts and related materials are now available.
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Public Assistance and Security Deposits
The regulations regarding security deposits if you are receiving public assistance.
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Security Deposits
Information about handling security deposits for renters.
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Source of Income Discrimination
On April 12, 2019, New York State amended the New York State Human Rights Law to protect all New Yorkers from discrimination based on lawful source of income. This law applies to nearly all types of housing in New York State.
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Using The Housing Authority Grievance Procedure
How tenants of public housing have complaints addressed.
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What to Do If You Can’t Afford Your Mortgage But You Want to Keep Your Home
How to deal with banks and agencies.
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When Housing Conditions Are Bad
The landlord’s and your responsibilities and actions to take.
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Emergency Housing Benefits For Persons With AIDS
The Department of Social Services now has a special program that pays cash benefits to individuals with AIDS or HIV-related illnesses who are homeless, or threatened with homelessness.
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Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Survivors with Criminal Records: What You Should Know When Applying for Federally Subsidized Housing
Basic information for survivors that have a criminal record and are applying for federally subsidized housing. Issues covered include matters related to permanent and temporary bars from certain housing programs; housing denials due to criminal records, criminal convictions and arrests; and improving your chances of being admitted. MAY 7, 2018
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